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How to Know Which Age Group a Soccer Player Will be Assigned To

Soccer players are usually placed in age groups based on their birth date. For most soccer leagues, the way to determine a player's "soccer age" is to ask "How old was the child on last July 31?" For example, if a child was nine as of 7/31/09, he or she will stay in the "Under-10" (U10) group until 7/31/10, when they move up to U11 (or U12 if your League combines U11 and U12 into one age group). This is how it is done at all the soccer programs I know of, but you should check with your league if you are unsure how they determine "soccer age". You should keep in mind that a child with a July birthday is almost a year younger than a child with an August birthday (even though they may be the same "soccer age") and that the younger children often have shorter attention spans and often won't learn as quickly as the older children.

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